Opposites attract.
No worries with this Reverie bed.

Finally, a bed built to accomodate the differing needs of two people in one bed.

Reverie opposites attract video

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One Bed, Two Bosses

Customization is the only way to real comfort. Don’t settle for a one-size fits all bed built for the masses. Reverie has created the only bed that addresses the needs of both partners in the same bed and is made just for you, your sleeping position and your firmness preferences.

9t DreamTop lifestyle

Soft on the Left,
Firm on the Right

The Reverie DreamCell® design uses 200+ individual foam springs in densities from extra soft to firm. Each cell can be taken out and rearranged so you get the exact firmness you want, exactly where you want it. Firm for your back and soft for your hips. Or vice versa.

Couple on DreamTop bed

A Mattress That Changes
With You. Who Knew?

Hurt your back? Become pregnant? Had surgery or a significant weight change? Simply unzip the mattress to your Reverie bed and tweak the DreamCell arrangement to fit the new you.

Couple with DreamCells and DreamTop bed

A Great Bed Is More Than Just a Mattress

For great sleep, a variety of bed positions is crucial. Reverie’s award winning adjustable power bases are, frankly, life-changing. Here are a few positions our customers love:

zero gravity

Zero Gravity

Takes pressure off your back and encourages dozing off.



Comfy for surfing or binge-watching.



Helps banish snoring and alleviate acid reflux.

feet up

Feet Up

Rest those aching feet or sore calf muscles.

Massage? Oh, Yes.

The Reverie 3D Wave™ massage technology elevates your bed to a spa. Quiet and smooth, the patented three-dimensional motion is relaxing and has been proven to increase circulation and encourage sleep.

Side sleeper on 9t base

What Customers Are Saying

"Everything about it, we love ...
I never thought that I would have a full night’s sleep."
– Pat and Jay, customers

"It’s really changed our lives. It really has.
More people just need to know about the bed."
– Jeanne and Joe, customers

"I slept for nine hours ...
I don’t think I’ve ever in my life slept that long."
– Elijah Mohammed, Professional Athlete

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