What exactly is customized sleep?

Great sleep is not one size fits all. People have different body types and support needs. Our beds are designed to meet those needs for both people sharing the bed.

Dream Supreme ™️ II, Hybrid Sleep System Firm Shown

A Great Bed Is More Than
Just A Mattress.

It's an entire system built to exponentially increase your options for sleeping and living well. More firmness options, more sleeping positions, more everything.

Soft For your Hips,
Firm For Your Back.

Why sleep on a uniform slab of foam? Our ingenious reposition-able springs come in different densities, so we can make your mattress firm, medium or soft in 200+ zones.

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Never had a power
bed before? It's time.

Seriously, you've been missing out. Anti-Snore position, Zero Gravity and 3D-Wave™ massage could change your life.

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