Bed in feet up position with a yellow duvet.Bedroom scene with a bed in feet up position.

We Won't Rest Until You Sleep.

You’ve never seen such white-hot intensity in pursuit of a single goal: we sincerely want you to experience the life-changing power of sleep. Our beds are designed solely around that idea.

So. Much. Science.

Throughout history, all great leaps forward in the human condition have come from science and technology. Which is what we’re bringing to the sleepy world of sleep.

Our in-house engineers and designers are first-rate. We also maintain an advisory board, an elite group of practicing scientists and doctors.


Young and humble beginnings

At age 23, Tony Chang and Martin Rawls-Meehan unite to found Reverie and design the bed of the future.


The innovations get real

DreamCell® technology, natural latex mattresses and adjustable bases are successfully prototyped.


Manufacturing begins

Prototypes became perfectly manufactured realities. We establish national distribution, expanding the avenues for better sleep.


Expansion continues

We build out our power base line. We boldly add retail and private label programs.


Mattress launch

Our radical customizable mattresses launch, with unlimited firmness configurations and comfort.


Smartphone compatibility added

BlueTooth® technology is engineered into our products. We win our first Women’s Choice Award.


Manufacturing starts in America

We introduce the 7S adjustable foundation and begin manufacturing in the U.S.


Hybrid mattresses introduced. Major advances in power bases

We layer memory foam with latex for luxe, cool comfort. Our sleek 9T power bed launches.


The Reverie difference

We continue to lead our industry through innovation and a commitment to customer-satisfaction.


Reverie joins the leaders in innovation

We visit CES 2018 in Las Vegas as the only company in our industry; showcasing our innovation and technology for the world.


Reverie Connect™ hits the market

We introduce Reverie Connect™, adding our beds to the growing smart home lifestyle.

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