Style blogger Samantha Wennerstrom spends 30 days in a Reverie bed

August 22, 2018 All posts Jared Sebastian

Second of a Three-Part Series

After spending 30 days sleeping on a Reverie bed, Could I Have That? ’s Samantha Wennerstrom gives us an update on how it’s been going. (Spoiler alert: she loves it!)

In this second video of our three-part series, Samantha covers what really goes on in a Reverie Sleep Coach consultation, as well as all the new things she’s learned about how her habits and environment influence the quality of her sleep. Samantha also discusses the nirvana that is the Reverie bed’s Zero Gravity position, and how the ability to adjust her bed has helped to improve the way she feels waking up in the morning. Make sure to stay tuned for Samantha’s 60-day update!

Check out part 1 of this series if you missed it, and if you want to see other reviews of the bed in Samantha’s video, you can find them here. Curious about Sleep Coach? Take our science-backed sleep quiz to start on your journey to better sleep.