Ten Zen Gifts for Mom

April 21, 2016 All posts Jared Sebastian

It’s that time of year again. Mothers Day. Haven’t thought of the perfect gift yet? No need to stress. Moms are all different (and special!) and each one deserves the perfect gift, so this year, we’ve put together two gift guides. Today’s installment: relaxing gifts for mom. And couldn’t she use a little more relaxation? 

ten zen mothers day gifts for mom

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. $8-$10

Clutter can be emotionally and visually stressful, plus maintaining all that stuff can be a lot of work. This NYT #1 bestseller by Marie Kondo helps Mom let go and get organized. And just think, maybe you won’t have to clean out her hoarder’s basement someday.


ten zen mothers day gifts for mom

Geranium Lavender “Seeking Balance” candle from Root. $16.95.

Lavender is known to have relaxing properties; perfect for aromatherapy destressing. This scented soy candle from Root is all natural; made with essential oils but without any harsh dyes.


ten zen mothers day gifts for mom

Herbal Retreat Tea set from Tea Forte, $30

Herbal-infused teas are warming, soothing and a healthful alternative to caffeine. Just what Mom needs on a stressful afternoon or before bed. The Apricot Amaretto tea in this set sounds amazing. This sampler of quality teas is loose leaves, so make sure Mom has an infuser.


 ten zen mothers day gifts for mom

Max Richter Sleep, available on iTunes. $34.99.

Is Mom having trouble falling asleep? Moms over 50 often have this complaint. This collection of original compositions by Max Richter is eight hours’ worth of music that is somehow both peaceful and compellingly beautiful. Be sure to listen to “Patterns” when you’re awake.


ten zen mothers day gifts for mom

Sweet Slumber Pillow by Reverie. $99.99

Is it scary to think about how old Mom’s current pillow might be? Spoil her with a good one. This luxury pillow is designed to support Mom’s head and neck, regardless of her sleeping position. Airy hypoallergenic fill is shredded natural latex, which helps regulate temperature and allows better air circulation. Removable cover features moisture-wicking material and is plumped with microfibers to stay fluffy.


ten zen mothers day gifts for mom

Tiering Pots Fountain by Alpine, $61.99

The sound of water flowing can be very soothing. This attractive tabletop fountain is a great value and has by far the best reviews of any tabletop fountain we looked at in this price range. Mom can add a few extra rocks of her own to customize the noise level to her liking. 9”x7”x17”.


 ten zen mothers day gifts for mom

Jersey Knit Robe by Nine Space. $76.

Mom will be chic and comfy in this jaunty robe. Roomy sleeves, a giant hood, big relaxed tie and lots of gorgeous colors to choose from. Not to mention the luxury of a soft, cool, organic combed cotton knit. Truly lounge-y and would make a great travel robe. Knee-length.


ten zen mothers day gifts for mom

One-hour massage, around $60-$90 plus tip.

Find a masseuse close to mom and buy a gift certificate for a massage, making sure to include the tip (and to tell Mom it’s included). It pays to do a little homework and get some recommendations as the vibe of massage places can vary wildly. Pony up for at least an hour; a luxurious 90-minute full-body massage is best. Unless Mom is a go-with-the-flow type, think about requesting a female masseuse.


ten zen mothers day gifts for mom

Organic Collection Bed Sheets by Reverie, $155-$240, depending on size.

73% of Americans say the quality of bed linens affects how well they sleep. Help Mom get her beauty rest with these ultra luxurious 300-threadcount, certified-organic combed cotton bed sheets. No toxins or dyes, so they’re a perfectly soft and natural warm beige. Made with BedTite™ fully elasticized ends to help sheets stay in place, handy for mattresses on power bases.


ten zen mothers day gifts for mom

Neoprene yoga bag by The Transience. $260

Is Mom into yoga? It’s no stretch to say she’ll be the envy of the entire gym if she walks in wielding this amazing neoprene yoga bag. Unlike an ordinary cotton batik yoga bag, this one has a great shape, Italian lambskin details and two-way zip top. Yoga mat slips into straps underneath.

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