The 10 Best Bedroom Gift Ideas

December 7, 2015 All posts Jared Sebastian

After the hullabaloo of the holidays winds down, after the last of the relatives leave and the Christmas tree has been deposited on the sidewalk, after the final slice of leftover pie has been eaten and the last drop of eggnog drunk, what’s the one thing every single person is going to want to do? Sleep. Sleep for a long time.

Which means that one of the best gifts you can give this holiday season is a little something to make the recipient’s bedroom, and the sleep they get in it, even better. Not to mention serve as a reminder to them that yes, after all the chaos ends, they will know what it feels like to be rested again. To help you find the perfect present for anyone on your list, we’ve rounded up our 10 favorite bedroom gift ideas and adjustable bed accessories.

1. White Noise Machine

For that sensitive sleeper who wakes at the slightest creak, or the young couple who live above a noisy bar, a white noise machine could be a game-changing gift. We like this one for its selection of different tones, gentle alarm feature, and tons of other fun customizable settings.

2. Broksonic Hybrid Ultrasonic Humidifier and Diffuser

If you think a humidifier isn’t exactly an exciting gift idea, then you’ve never seen this gorgeous piece. With a sculptural look and a wide array of colors, you may start to think of it as a piece of art and almost forget that it’s also an ultraquiet and effective way to bring moisture into a dry winter bedroom.

3. Pour Les Femmes Pajamas

What’s better than slipping between a luxurious set of organic cotton sheets? Slipping into them when you’re wearing an equally luxurious, not to mention glamorous, PJ set. For the fashionista in your life, the Pour Les Femmes pajama line is the perfect sleep accessory.

4. Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle

With lavender and chamomile, two fragrances shown to promote restful sleep, this beautiful candle fills the bedroom with luscious smells that make any home feel like a relaxing spa.

5. Elation Bluetooth Surround Sound Bed Speakers

Give someone the gift of incredible sound with these Bluetooth surround sound speakers. They easily clip to most bed foundations, and provide enhanced and crystal clear audio, turning any music-listening or movie-watching session into a true experience.

6. A Cheeky Sleep Mask

Let your recipient block out the morning light with a fun and stylish twist. A beautifully made eye mask, with a funny saying or silly design, is a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone with a sense of humor and a fondness for sleeping in. Etsy has some great options!

7.  An Analog Alarm Clock

Not only does an analog alarm clock not emit the sleep-disrupting blue light of the smartphones that so many of us use as alarms, it also adds a classy splash of retro to any bedroom. We love this one from iCasso for it’s super quiet motion and gorgeous wooden design.

8. Hatflinger AT Classic Hardsole Slippers

Named “the best slippers” by The Sweethome after a rigorous testing process, these simple slippers may not look like much, but they guarantee complete and total comfort. They’re a great gift for the friend who always needs the “best” of everything, or your partner who doesn’t like to get dressed on Sundays.

9. Embroidered Sleep Sayings

What better way to proclaim a love of sleep than with a beautifully embroidered saying on the bedroom wall. From the hilarious to the inspiring to the sassy, there’s sure to be a perfect one for everyone.

10. Sense Sleep Tracker

For that person who loves to optimize everything, the Sense sleep tracker is a gorgeous, modern, and technologically innovative way to get better sleep. It comes in a simple yet intricate spherical design, and effortlessly tracks sleep, delivering insights that you can use to improve your sleep over time. Plus, there’s a Smart Alarm that senses sleep cycles and wakes you when you’re in the lightest stages of sleep.

Start shopping now—so you can get sleeping soon. Happy holidays to you and yours!

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