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Rest your weary everything.

Mom warriors, we know your exhaustion. Our adjustable power beds are here to help, with a range of positions beyond flat, for more ways to get comfy, along with relaxing massage, too.

New ways for moms to get rest and relief.

Hand-drawn animation of a bed in antisnore position.


Acid reflux & snoring

Sleep with your upper torso elevated to relieve snoring and acid reflux. (Your partner can, too.)

Hand-drawn animation of a bed in feetup position.

feet up

soothe swollen feet

Elevate your feet and turn on massage. Puffy feet relieved, at least for a while.

Hand-drawn animation of a bed in headsup position.

Heads up

Nurse comfortably

No migrating pillows. Head of bed raises to support your neck and back. More aaahh, less waaahh!


C-section recovery

Power in and out of bed easily without aggravating sore abs and/or incisions.

Hand-drawn animation of a bed in independent position.

Independent Movement

Happily Ever After

A bed for the next 20 years. Hang out on lazy weekends. You and your spouse sleep great.

Hand-drawn animation of a bed in lounging position.


Reading & Watching

Our bed supports your head and knees. Comfy for working, reading and binge-watching.

Hand-drawn animation of a bed in zero g position.


Relieve aching backs

Zero Gravity positions simulates weightlessness, taking the pressure off your sore back.

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  • Woman yawning while holding blue coffee mug.
    Quiz When moms don't sleep

    11 unusual questions to test your knowledge and arm yourself with some good info.

  • 1 of 11: The older you are, the more likely you are to be fatigued during pregnancy.
  • Pregnant women take a yoga class together.

    Younger women are less likely to be tired during pregnancy, but it’s less of an age thing than it is about fitness. While nearly all moms-to-be report feeling tired during pregnancy, being fit can help tame the tiredness.

  • 2 of 11: Acid reflux is common during pregnancy and can interfere with sleep, arrgh. What causes it?
  • A pregnant woman wearing a black top holds her expose pregnant belly.
    All of these

    The joys of a baby crowding and elbowing your other organs, along with metabolic changes, cause acid reflux. Acid reflux often leaves moms-to-be counting sheep.

  • 3 of 11: What percentage of women deal with acid reflux during pregnancy?
  • A woman in a white top sleeps restfully on white sheets.

    Over half of pregnant women get acid reflux at some point. Skip milk, spicy foods and eating for 2-3 hours before bedtime. Also, sleeping elevated helps. Talk with your Ob/Gyn before trying over-the-counter remedies.

  • 4 of 11: Your dreams may get really wonky during pregnancy.
  • A woman sleeps on a pillow propped up on a teddy bear.

    78% of pregnant women report having more intense or upsetting dreams. While the science is unclear on why, their best guess is the obvious suspects - hormonal changes, more anxiety and sleep disruptions.

  • 5 of 11: What is the best position for sleeping during pregnancy?
  • A mom cradles her stomach while laying on her left side.
    Left Side

    After the first trimester, avoid sleeping on your back. The increased baby weight constricts your aorta, making it harder to breathe. Lying on the left side is better than the right, too. It keeps that little bowling ball off your liver and gives your blood an easier route to the baby.

  • A mom sleeps with a yellow book over her face.
    All of these

    Early on, your hormones are surging, wearing you out and making you feel more emotional. By the third trimester, the extra baby weight makes you feel like a large sea mammal and also causes frequent bathroom trips, making it harder to get your sleep.

  • 7 of 11: How much more sleep do you need during pregnancy?
  • A woman in a pear colored long sleeve shirt sleeps with her hand behind her head.
    Two hours or more

    Grab a maternity pillow and make a nightly date with your mattress. You need a lot more sleep when pregnant. It’s good for you, your growing baby and also can contribute to a less painful delivery.

  • 8 of 11: What percentage of pregnant women have insomnia?
  • A woman in blue jeans and a blue crop top sleeps with a giant white pillow covering her face.
    Around three quarters

    Wide awake, obsessing over baby names and the future? You’re not alone. 78% of pregnant women experience a significant level of insomnia.

  • 9 of 11: 10-15% of moms experience severe postpartum depression. How does sleep deprivation contribute?
  • A mom lays with her baby while holding her right hand.
    All of these

    According to studies, new moms with postpartum depression are sleeping significantly less than other new moms. 80 fewer minutes a night, one month after birth; wow! Don’t tough it out alone. Tell your doctor, reach out to support groups and check our blog for tips on sleeping with a newborn.

  • 10 of 11: Women who sleep fewer than six hours a night during the last month of pregnancy...
  • A woman who has just given birth holds her new bundle of joy in the hospital.
    Both A & B

    Women who sleep under six hours a night are 400% more likely to need a C-section. They’re also spending many more hours pushing out that small human. This was in comparison to women who slept seven hours a night during the last month, so only an hour more can make a huge difference.

  • 11 of 11: As a mom-to-be, your body is in overdrive, which makes you tired. Which of these does not increase during pregnancy?
  • A woman dressed in a white sweater and grey pants holds her pregnant stomach while stretching.
    Digestive Rate

    Progesterone slows down most muscle tissues during pregnancy. Your gallbladder becomes more relaxed, meaning you could become constipated. Just what you need on top of that baby weight, right? Avoid fatty foods, exercise as much as your doctor says is safe, and be sure to drink enough water

  • A pregnant woman relaxes while holding her baby bump and reading a book with a blue cover.
    You've got your
    Mom PHD

    Congrats! You’re well aware of sleep issues surrounding pregnancy and probably on your way to a nap right now.

  • A pregnant woman in a black and white striped shirt lays while smiling with her arm over her forehead.
    You're a
    Pre-Med Mama

    More up on pregnancy and sleep than most, but still have a few things to learn.

  • A very pregnant woman sits with her belly exposed watching TV while eating popcorn.
    You might
    Need some tutoring

    Meh. Time to start googling. Go to bed early and try again in the morning.

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