Your bed for the next
20 years of parenthood.

9T Zero G Reverie Power Base image.

Pregnancy is just the beginning of your new life. A Reverie power bed is made for every stage that follows, too

helping you enjoy the ride. from day one.

Woman wearing pink shirt lays in bed looking at phone.
Puffy toes, aching backs and anticipation.
Woman lays in bed stretching out on white sheets.
Coddling your post-delivery abs, fighting momsomnia.
Woman breastfeeds her baby while lovingly looking at child.
Feeding or cuddling the little human.
A woman and man snuggle their daughter while relaxing in bed.
Lazy weekends and bonding.
A woman and man read a red book while under a big duvet in bed.
Storybooks and family time.
Mother and daughter relax on a bed of white linen looking blissful.
Braces, boys and bullies.
A woman caresses's a mans face while they lay face to face in bed.
Staying connected thru good times and bad.
Swipe or click the dots to see how our bed works with parenthood.
A pregnant woman wearing a pink shirt cradles her stomach in bed.

why sleep old school?

new ways to get comfy besides flat.

Just a few degrees of elevation at the head or foot (or both!) can make a huge difference in comfort. Our beds have infinite adjustability and an app to save all your personal favs. And Zero Gravity position? It’s an epiphany. Check out our buying guide for more tips.

3D-Wave™ Massage

feel the love.

Just the thing for mom zombies. Plunk your aching feet and sore back into bed, turn on soothing 3D-Wave Massage*, and chances are, you’ll be snoozing in no time. Or feed the baby and read a book. This short video shows how it works, and a recent University study shows 3D-Wave helps people feel more alert all day.

A father touches foreheads with his sone while laughing and bonding.

Why your partner

will dig it too.

They see easily that our beds will be great for sleep, romance, gaming and watching tv. When it’s their turn for the late-night feeding, they’ll like being able to do it from your Reverie power bed. Upright, well-supported and snuggled in blankets. Side benefit? If they snore, the bed usually helps with that.

If they could have a do-over...

Experienced moms told us they regretted shelling out for the beautiful nursery which the kid quickly outgrew, fancy equipment they rarely used, and adorable outfits the baby wore only once. What they needed most to cope with motherhood wasn’t stuff. It was more sleep.

Water-powered breast pump hand-drawn animation.
Robotic smart bassinet hand-drawn animation.
Upholstered Glider or Recliner hand-drawn animation.
Pod Crib hand-drawn animation.
Hand-painted nursery mural hand-drawn animation.
Official team onesie hand-drawn animation.
Magnetic High Chair hand-drawn animation.
Changing table with storage hand-drawn animation.
Heirloom plush rocking horse hand-drawn animation.
Jogging stroller hand-drawn animation.

as low as $20/month.

Most of our retailers offer financing to help you stay within budget.

3E Tech Zero power base with drop shadow image.

3E tech power base™

MSRP $999, Queen
  • Infinite head and foot adjustability
  • Underbed nightlight
  • Smooth, quiet operation
4M Tech Zero power base with drop shadow image.

4m power base™

MSRP $1099, Queen
  • 3D-Wave massage
  • Smartphone app compatible
  • Infinite head and foot adjustability
  • Underbed nightlight
  • Smooth, quiet operation
9T Zero G power base with drop shadow image.

9t power base™

MSRP $1599, Queen
  • Lumbar support
  • Premium side rails and wood legs
  • Wall-hugging design
  • 3D-Wave massage
  • Smartphone compatible
  • Infinite head and foot adjustability
  • Underbed nightlight
  • Smooth, quiet operation

Trying is believing

Our power beds are even better in person.

*Features vary by model.