Pregnancy do's
and don'ts

an exclusive video series

New moms have lots of questions, so we worked with a mega-qualified Ob/Gyn to bring you answers. And not just the usual generic stuff, either. Dr. Bailey dishes on how much caffeine, if sex is okay, which fish to avoid, medical decisions you can make in advance, books worth reading, and much more.

The video series new moms really need

Dr. Bailey skips the jargon and makes her tips fun, too. Each video clocks in around two minutes so watch, learn and share.

episode 1

Listen to your body

Dr. Bailey talks nausea, smoothies and eating strategies for the first two trimesters to keep your baby healthy.

episode 2


Dr. Bailey gives tips on how much exercise, its impact on fatigue and nausea, and therapy to combat pelvic muscle pain.

episode 3

Read up

Dr. Bailey dishes on books that she thinks are helpful for moms-to-be and recent moms.

episode 4

Take care of you

Dr. Bailey talks about anxiety during pregnancy and ditching the mommy guilt.

episode 5

Working with your doctor

Wondering if you're a high risk pregnancy? Are all those doctors' appointments are really necessary? Dr. Bailey gives the scoop.

episode 6

Stuff not to do

Is caffeine safe? How much? What about haircare products? Dr. Bailey talks stuff to avoid.

episode 7


Bathroom trips, acid reflux, pregnancy pillows, sleeping positions and more. Plus a guest appearance by Dr. Bailey's daughter.

episode 8

Be prepared

Dr. Bailey gives you a heads up on medical decisions you might want to make before delivery, classes you might find helpful & more.

episode 9


Dr. Bailey gets personal, telling us how she journals and the memories she might have forgotten had she not, with a cute supporting point from her toddler.
Image of Dr. Amelia Bailey

About DR. Bailey

Dr. Amelia Bailey is a Harvard-trained Ob/Gyn and fertility specialist. She also has two toddlers, so she has serious mom cred, too. To see other content we’ve done with Dr. Bailey, click below.