Zero gravity position is shown on a Reverie base in a bedroom with a white rug and large windows.Adjustable base in zero gravity position.

Time For A Serious Life Upgrade.

Fall asleep more easily. Wake up more rested. Enjoy hanging out in your bedroom more. Sound good?

Live Happy. Sleep Happy. Be Happy.

So many different reasons to love our power beds. Do any of these sound like you?

The Reader

Back, neck and knees supported, book or tablet on your lap. Bye, sliding pillows. Hello, Shakespeare.

Favorite Position: Head Up

Bad Back

Sore back? Sink into Zero Gravity position. Helps relieve pressure on the back and just feels amazing overall. #Truth.

Favorite Position: Zero Gravity

Gym Junkie

Sore legs the norm? Put your feet up and turn on massage.* Relieves aching muscles and increases circulation.

Favorite Position: Feet Up

Snooze Button

Mornings aren’t your thing? Program the head of the bed to raise in the morning with massage. Best nudge ever.

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Favorite Feature: Nightstand App


Turn down the volume. Give your partner some peace. Anti-Snore position helps relieve snoring, sleep apnea and acid reflux.

Favorite Position: Anti-Snore

Spa Lover

Our luxurious 3D Wave™ massage soothes you to sleep and helps you feel better all day. You deserve every indulgent minute.

Favorite feature: Massage

The Sneezer

Ragweed, dust and mold aren’t only fought with tissues. Sleep elevated and help relieve congestion.

Favorite Position: Elevated

Late Shift

Turn on our under-bed nightlight. Tiptoe off to work or the fridge without waking your partner.

Favorite Feature: Nightlight

A High-end Massage? Yes, Please.

According to a recent university study, our 3D Wave™ Massage technology helps you fall asleep, feel more alert during the day, and improves circulation.

Other Life-Changing Technology.

Reverie Nightstand™ App

Far more than just a remote, Nightstand allows you to program custom sleep routines, set the bed to wake you automatically and more.

Nightstand App
mattress with logo

Advanced Lumbar Support*

We’ve dramatically rethought lumbar, aligning it more perfectly with the spine and allowing 100 points of adjustment.

Our many power beds. Which one suits you best?

A dreamy range of customization and comfort. One of them is sure to have you drifting off blissfully to sleep.

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