1. How to make the most of Daylight Saving Time this year

    How to make the most of Daylight Saving Time this year

    The leaves are changing, the mornings are frostier, and there’s pumpkin spice everything everywhere you look—which can only mean that the end of daylight saving time (also mistakenly known as daylight savings time) is right around the corner. This year, DST comes to an end on Sunday, November 3rd at 2 a.m., which is when our clocks will “fall backwards” and go back an hour. With this, we gain an extra hour of sleep that night.

    You’re probably looking forward to this extra bit of shut-eye, and rightly so—an hour of sleep is a very powerful thing! Raising your nightly amount of sleep from just six to a full seven hours actually rewards you with a number of noticeable physical and mental benefits. There is perhaps no greater demonstration of what an hour of sleep can do than the

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  2. Your Mattress FAQs Answered by a Sleep Specialist

    Your Mattress FAQs Answered by a Sleep Specialist

    You have questions—we've got answers. Not sure where to start when it comes to a new sleep system? How about a conversation with Steve Mason, our expert Sleep Specialist, certified Reverie®️ Sleep Coach™, and all-around guru in Reverie products and sleep? In our chat with Steve, we went in-depth about what people are looking for when they start sleep shopping, and how our leading technology and design can make that decision a little easier.

    First, we talked to Steve about his role here at Reverie:

    How long have you worked at Reverie?

    4 years.

    What do you love about the company?

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  3. How to Prepare for Daylight Saving Time

    How to Prepare for Daylight Saving Time

    As the weather is beginning to slowly thaw and the search for our lighter jacket in the back of the closet is underway, it’s a great time to start talking about Daylight Saving Time, kicking in at 2am on March 10th. The day we switch over to Daylight Saving Time (or DST)—when our clocks “spring forward” an hour—is typically dreaded because it steals an hour of our sleep...but does it really?

    If you think about it, what everyone complains about is missing sleep that they wouldn’t have to miss if they just adjusted their sleep schedule. In reality, we can all get a full night of sleep no matter what our clocks say—all it takes is a little planning ahead.

    Take it slow

    Your body’s biological schedule is pretty stubborn, but it’s also open to change as long as you give it time.

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  4. Olympian Patrick Chan Takes The Sleep Quiz

    Olympian Patrick Chan Takes The Sleep Quiz

    For part two of our interview with three-time Olympic figure skater Patrick Chan, Reverie's® Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Tan took him through our science-based Sleep Quiz to determine the quality of his sleep by examining a variety of different factors. Want to take the Sleep Quiz and find out how your sleep really rates? Take the quiz for yourself here, and along with your results you'll get personalized tips on how to make your sleep even better. You can find part one of our interview where we talk about the role of sleep in recovery here.

    Lisa Tan: Recently we introduced a new service at Reverie called Reverie

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  5. Sleep Tips for Surviving Vegas Market

    Sleep Tips for Surviving Vegas Market

    It’s that time of year again! Our twice-a-year furniture market extravaganza in fabulous Las Vegas. For those of us in the bedding industry: this means talking all about the latest in sleep products and then not sleeping at all.

    It can be exhausting, but there are a few things you can do to make it easier. Here’s how to prep your sleep for Vegas market.

    Vegas Sleep Survival Guide

    If you’re already short on sleep, my advice is simple: sleep more now (like, seriously, right now).

    • Take naps.

    • Go to bed earlier.

    • Sleep in.

    You don’t want to pile sleep deprivation on slee

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  6. A New Year of Better Sleep

    A New Year of Better Sleep

    When you think of the resolutions that usually end up on people’s lists for the new year—losing weight, exercising more, improving relationships, getting a promotion or a better job—it’s probably not often that you hear “sleep better” included. And that’s really a shame, because the health benefits of sleep are so crucial to our success in all different areas of life. What many don’t know is that consistently healthy sleep can actually help them achieve all of these different resolutions.

    Better sleep helps to:

    • curb your appetite

    • gives you the energy to exercise

    • makes you a more careful worker and a better team player

    • improves your mental health and stab

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  7. Give the Gift of Rest: 5 gifts for the person who has everything

    Give the Gift of Rest: 5 gifts for the person who has everything

    You know that one person on your Christmas list who seems to have everything already? That one person who’s always the last to be crossed off? They say they don’t want anything but you want to get them something—and everything you think they’d want, they already have, naturally.

    Well, this year you’re in luck, because we know just the gift that everyone could use: sleep! If you’re having a difficult time finding that perfect gift for someone who has everything, look no further than our list here of the five best sleep-saving gifts for that (ahem) special person on your list:

    #1: Sleep mask

    We’ll start with the low-

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  8. The Benefits of a Sleep Coach

    The Benefits of a Sleep Coach

    Sleep may be the most influential aspect of our health that is widely taken for granted. Many these days aren’t surprised to learn that a large number of the population makes due with six hours of sleep or less on average, but they are surprised to learn that six hours of sleep a night puts your health at serious risk.

    This widespread indifference towards sleep is partly due, of course, to the fact that so many of us tend to look at sleep as a burden, something that keeps us from friends and family, from our entertainment, and from getting things done. But a much deeper reason is just that so many are unaware of the profound difference getting good sleep makes in our lives, even in our day-to-day experiences.

    Sleep is the difference between a productive w

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  9. If You're an Athlete, You Need a Sleep Coach

    If You're an Athlete, You Need a Sleep Coach

    A little tip for you fitness folks: there’s a new training method that can help you improve your speed, strength, and sharpness, and all it involves is laying still for eight hours. There are many top-level athletes that are now even hiring coaches specifically to teach them how to do this thing better.

    This powerful secret method? Sleep, and it’s not really all that new (or that secret)—in fact, we’ve been using this particular training method for millions and millions of years! The athletic benefits of sleep are just now happening to find an appreciation in the realm of sports.

    The great benefits of sleep aren’t just available to high-paid celebrity athletes with personal sleep coaches, though, because better sleep is possible for everyone. Here are just four of the most impactful benefits of consistent sleep for athletes like you—no matter what level you’re at—as well as a pointer on

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