1. Your Sleep Apnea Questions Answered by a Doctor

    Your Sleep Apnea Questions Answered by a Doctor

    Sleep apnea affects an estimated 22 million Americans and nearly 1 billion people worldwide, and 80% of moderate and severe obstructive sleep apnea cases are thought to go undiagnosed. It’s no wonder why—sleep apnea presents itself only when we’re asleep, and episodes of gasping or choking which indicate sleep apnea are nearly always forgotten in the grogginess of sleep. 

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  2. How to make the most of Daylight Saving Time this year

    How to make the most of Daylight Saving Time this year

    The leaves are changing, the mornings are frostier, and there’s pumpkin spice everything everywhere you look—which can only mean that the end of daylight saving time (also mistakenly known as daylight savings time) is right around the corner. This year, DST comes to an end on Sunday, November 3rd at 2 a.m., which is when our clocks will “fall backwards” and go back an hour. With this, we gain an extra hour of sleep that night.

    You’re probably looking forward to this extra bit of shut-eye, and rightly so—an hour of sleep is a very powerful thing! Raising your nightly amount of sleep from just six to a full seven hours actually rewards you with a number of noticeable physical and mental benefits. There is perhaps no greater demonstration of what an hour of sleep can do than the

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  3. The Most Common Types of Sleep Disorders

    The Most Common Types of Sleep Disorders

    For most of us, getting a good night’s sleep comes down to simply making the right choices and setting sleep as a high priority in our lives. For a large number of adults in the U.S., though (an estimated 50-70 million to be exact), the poor quality of their sleep stems from a sleep disorder beyond their control.

    It's an unfortunate fact that so many of those with a disorder go without a diagnosis because they don’t realize that they have a problem, or they simply believe that there’s no treatment for their particular issue. Some disorders can have a very substantial impact on the amount of sleep that someone is able to get (and thus on their health overall), so it is extremely important that they catch the disorder early on and begin treatment.

    These are just a few of the most common sleep disorders that are good for everyone to re

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  4. How to Make Sleep a Family Priority

    How to Make Sleep a Family Priority

    Families share everything. From their genes down to their sense of humor, children take their cues from their parents. But there’s one personal trait that we may not realize is affecting our families. You guessed it—our sleep habits.

    In order for your household to function at its best, sleep has to become a family priority. Let’s talk about the importance of sleep for your family and discuss how you can improve it for everyone.

    How much sleep should everyone be getting?

    For adults, the recommended amount of nightly sleep is seven to nine hours. For children, it depends on their stage of development. Here’s a breakdown of the number of hours of sleep required per day, including naps:

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  5. Back to School: Getting Your Kids Back to Sleep

    Back to School: Getting Your Kids Back to Sleep

    It’s that time of year again: back to school. If you’re like most of us, you’re wondering where the summer went. Whether you’re celebrating having your kids out of the house or feeling a bit wistful about it (or both!), the issue remains:  your kid needs to get into a school-year routine. And one of the most difficult part of that routine to re-establish? Sleep.

    Yes, the transition from the bedtime-doesn’t-matter mode of summer to the homework-plus-soccer-and-school-starts-at-seven mode of the school year can be rough. Kids aren’t used to the new schedule, they miss their summer freedom, and on top of that, the stress of school-year obligations can make falling asleep more difficult than it normally is. When you consider that quality sleep is a key factor in academic performance for school-age students, this is a big issue.

    Thankfully, there are a number of wa

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  6. Bedtime Consistency: The Cure For Monday Mornings

    Bedtime Consistency: The Cure For Monday Mornings

    Picture this: You fly from New York to Los Angeles on Friday night and start adjusting to Pacific time. On Sunday night, you catch a red eye and abruptly fly back to the east coast: where waking up at 7 a.m. for a Monday morning meeting feels like 4 a.m. to your body. Sounds miserable, doesn’t it?

    Well, if you’re like a lot of people, this is exactly what your body is being put through every time you stay up late on the weekends and then try to adjust to a 9-to-5 schedule on Monday. This concept is called “social jetlag” because it’s often a result of socializing on the weekends, and the impacts of chronic fatigue and drowsiness very closely resemble jetlag.

    Our bodies crave consistency, and so they’ll try to esta

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  7. Reverie In The News

    Reverie In The News

    Here's what people are saying about Reverie® out in the big wide world, with our most recent press coverage first. Click the link to read the story.

    Want to see what all the buzz is about? Click the button below to find one of our events near you and experience Reverie power beds for yourself.

    moms need sleep

    JULY 2019

    Home Furnishings Business magazine

    Get all the details on our brand new, revolutionary voice-activation technology, Reverie Connect. Reverie Connect works with smart home devices to allow Reverie cu

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  8. Top 7 Gadgets for Your Bedroom

    Top 7 Gadgets for Your Bedroom

    As technology has advanced at a breakneck pace and infiltrated nearly every area of our lives, there's still one place where most of us have yet to go high-tech—and that is the bedroom. Which is pretty ironic if you think about it, because after all, our bedrooms are our sanctuaries, the places we go to be our most relaxed—why wouldn't we want handy, time-saving technology there? Here's 7 of our top recommendations for new tech that will help you upgrade your bedroom with some 21st century convenience, whether you're getting some sweet sleep or just maxing and relaxing. 

    Top 7 Gadgets For Your Bedroom

    1. Weighted Blanket

    The idea behind weighted blankets is to simulate the soothing feeling and close comfort of cuddling, and the goal is to give you a little leg up on getting relaxed before bed to help you

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  9. How Long Does it Take to Fall Asleep?

    How Long Does it Take to Fall Asleep?

    We’ve all been there—lying in bed, waiting for sleep to come. After tossing and turning for what seems like an eternity, you ask yourself: should I give up and get out of bed? Or am I overreacting? How long am I supposed to be lying here? Good question.

    How long it takes to fall asleep is a slippery concept, and one that unhappy insomniacs grasp at as they lie awake from one minute to the next. Given the hazy state of mind that sets in when we lie sleepily in bed, it can become difficult to remember clearly just how long it usually takes for sleep to arrive, adding more uncertainty and stress when it seems to be taking too long. Fortunately, there has been research into this issue.

    The study of sleep latency

    The amount of time it takes you to fully transition from wakefulness to sleep is known as sleep latency, and th

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