5 Ways to Warm Up Your Bedroom Decor For Fall
  1. 5 Ways to Warm Up Your Bedroom Decor For Fall

    From time to time, Reverie collaborates with its partners to bring you special content. This month, Raymour & Flanigan is bringing you some tips on how to add a warm glow to your bedroom this fall.

    Changing leaves and shorter days mean it’s time to pull out the scarves and turn on the heat. With fall upon us, you may want to warm up your bedroom to make it a cozy and relaxing retreat as the weather turns. While time and costs may make you cautious about redecorating, bringing fall into the bedroom doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. With the right accent pieces, lighting and finishes, you can easily create a fall paradise in your own bedroom.

    To help you prepare your bedroom for days filled with piles of leaves, toasty apple cider and the beautiful autumn scenery, Raymour & Flanigan is sharing some tips on furniture, fabrics and decorations that will create feelings of fall.

    5 Ways to Warm Up Your Bedroom for Fall

    1. Begin with the Bed

    The heart of your bedroom is a great place to start the redecoration process. An easy way to bring warmth to your room is by adding a new bed set or comforter in a fall hue, such as a deep red or brown. Another common addition for autumn is adding a plaid throw to the end of the bed for an extra layer on those chilly fall nights. Depending on the setup of your room, you may want to shift your bed’s location to get more sun in the morning.

    The changing of the seasons is also a good time to consider a bigger change in your bedroom: the bed itself. If you’ve been waking up with aches and pains, it may be time for a new mattress to help you get a more restful sleep. Consider replacing your current bed with an adjustable power base that provides a range of customization and comfort options including massage. Raymour & Flanigan carries a wide range of Reverie power beds.

    5 Ways to Warm Up Your Bedroom for Fall

    2. Add a Pop of Color

    Pillows are a great way to bring fall hues into your bedroom because they add color without overwhelming the space. Look for deeper color tones like burgundy or burnt orange to bring a seasonal complement to your bedroom set. These richer colors will add warmth and coziness to the space and spruce up sheets in any shade. Create interest by contrasting earth tones with brighter shades like gold and orange, or by experimenting with new patterns and textures. Seasonal throw pillows can help create a fall palette and help make your bed even more inviting as you settle in for the night.

    5 Ways to Warm Up Your Bedroom for Fall

    3. Complement Your Bed with the Right End Tables

    Small upgrades or furniture swaps can go a long way in creating a seasonal feel in your bedroom. Bedside tables are the companion to your bed and can be the perfect counterpart to your new mattress or adjustable base. As autumn approaches, consider bringing in bedside tables with darker finishes. Rich shades like espresso and chocolate pair well with sleek, modern pieces while still maintaining a feeling of coziness. Natural wood finishes and antique accents create a more casual outdoorsy feel and can offer the perfect contrast to your fall bed set.  

    5 Ways to Warm Up Your Bedroom for Fall

    4. Create the Perfect Mood Lighting

    What goes on your bedside tables can be just as important to fall decorating as the tables themselves. Whether you decide to upgrade your bedside tables or refinish your current pieces, the right lamps and lighting fixtures can help bring it all to life with a warm autumn glow. For bedside lighting, opt for pearlescent bulbs that offer warm white light. These provide plenty of light for bedtime reading while limiting bright light that can interrupt your sleep.

    Lamps and other lighting fixtures can also serve as staples of your fall decor. Think about choosing bedside lamps that incorporate earthy tones and other natural accents for a cozy fall feel. Lamps with a minimal wooden base add a casual, airy atmosphere, and create interest without overwhelming your bedside tables and other furniture.

    5 Ways to Warm Up Your Bedroom for Fall

    5. Add Extra Flair

    If you’re still looking for ideas to bring fall into your room, additional bedside decoration and room decor is always an option. If your room has hardwood floors, consider adding a rug to make the room cozier and cut out the cold floor in the morning. Opt for autumn hues and warm colors that complement your bedroom set.

    Try swapping out your current wall decorations with fall-themed frames and adding prints and photos that incorporate fall landscapes or colors. Colored glass vases and shabby chic candle holders can also give your end tables or dresser just the right touch. Finish off your fall bedroom with a scented candle or two in scents like spiced apple cider or pumpkin pie to add that extra hint of fall to the air!

    5 Ways to Warm Up Your Bedroom for Fall

    While fall is a time of cooler temps and preparing for winter, having a snug and comfortable bedroom to escape to is a great way to get you ready for the colder days ahead. We hope these tips help you warm up your bedroom and prepare for the fall season!

    About Raymour & Flanigan

    Raymour & Flanigan is a valued Reverie Partner and the largest furniture retailer in the Northeast United States. They carry brand name furniture, accent pieces and area rugs for every room in the home. For more information, find Raymour & Flanigan reviews on BBB or follow them on Twitter.

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  2. Could I Have That? Style blogger Samantha Wennerstrom gets a Reverie bed.
  3. Could I Have That? Style blogger Samantha Wennerstrom gets a Reverie bed.

    First of a Three-Part Series

    Internet style celebrity Samantha Wennerstrom, known for her Could I Have That? brand, has many thousands of followers on social media, and is known for her impeccable taste. We had no idea that she'd been eyeing our bed for a while, so when she contacted us about a collaboration, we were surprised and happy.

    Samantha just moved into her amazing new home, and while she's unpacking, she had a luxury delivery ... her new Reverie bed. Check out her authentic impressions in this fun video. And stay tuned, because we'll be checking back with Samantha at 30 days and 60 days to see how her sleep progresses and to hear about her experience with Reverie's new Sleep Coach program.

    Read other reviews on the exact bed that Samantha has here. 

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  4. 8 Interior Design Tips to Freshen Up Your Bedroom for Spring
  5. 8 Interior Design Tips to Freshen Up Your Bedroom for Spring

    From time to time, Reverie collaborates with its partners to bring your special content. This month, Raymour & Flanigan is bringing you some special spring design tips.

    Spring will soon be here. It’s easy to feel a renewed sense of energy at the thought of the days growing longer, the sun shining warmer, and the world around us blooming. Many of us clear out the winter cobwebs with spring cleaning. It’s also a great time to breathe new life into your home by incorporating the beauty of the season into your interior design. What better place to begin than the room where you start and end each day?

    Today, Raymour & Flanigan is bringing you eight interior design tips to freshen up your bedroom in time for spring. With crisp colors, fresh textures and new bedroom accents, you’ll be ready to spring into the new season with your fresh bedroom look.

    1. Dust off the winter by de-cluttering.

    Clutter in the bedroom is especially distracting and can negatively impact your quality of sleep. Restore tranquility by taking a day or weekend to go through your clothes and personal belongings . Throw away or donate any old or unnecessary items that you’ve accumulated, and put seasonal items into storage.

    Make your de-cluttering day a family affair by encouraging kids to do the same in their bedrooms. Including your children in the process can help build a sense of responsibility over their personal space and get them excited for a spring refresh.  Once you all have a clean slate, you’ll be ready to try some great new decor ideas to invite spring into your bedroom.

    8 Interior Design Tips to Freshen Up Your Bedroom for Spring

    2. Get creative with patterns and textures.

    Experimenting with the look and feel of new textures can bring a refreshed vibe to your bedroom. For those looking for a new bed this season, linen-upholstered headboards immediately create a strong centerpiece in any bedroom and add dimension to your space.

    If you’re not looking for a full bedroom overhaul, playing around with textiles can be a great way to breathe new life into old decor. Whether you’re revamping an old chair with patterned upholstery, or recovering throw pillows with bright seasonal fabrics, the new colors and textures can bring renewed energy to your bedroom decor.

    “Adding in some fresh textiles around the room has made the bedding feel fresh and new.” - Kate | Domestikated Life, Master Bedroom Makeover

    8 Interior Design Tips to Freshen Up Your Bedroom for Spring

    3. Balance neutral roomscapes with bursts of color.

    Choosing neutrals for large-ticket items is a sound decorating strategy, particularly in a bedroom. When spring comes around, neutrals also present the perfect canvas to play with fresh colors and vibrant accents. Pillows and blankets in fresh spring hues add a welcome pop of color to the whites, grays and tans that predominate in many bedrooms. If your bedroom is in need of a fresh coat of paint, experimenting with a bold shade is a budget-friendly way to add some excitement.

    8 Interior Design Tips to Freshen Up Your Bedroom for Spring

    4. New accessories keep kids’ rooms bright and inviting.

    Springtime presents a perfect opportunity to upgrade kids’ bedroom furniture and introduce new looks that can grow with them throughout the upcoming year. Allowing kids to help pick out a new dresser, or choose bedding for the warmer months can be a great motivator for spring cleaning and de-cluttering. Throwing in snug accents like an area rug or fun wall art can help create an inviting space they’ll look forward to calling their own.

    8 Interior Design Tips to Freshen Up Your Bedroom for Spring

    “I wanted to make her room cozy and inviting, so we added a new rug, the Emerson Ash Area Rug, and two Cream Lamb Fur Throw Pillows” - Alice | Thoughts From Alice, Choosing Girl’s Bedroom Furniture

    5. Fresh flowers. Always good.

    Welcome the natural beauty of the outdoors into your home with floral arrangements in your bedroom. Sweet-smelling lilacs emit an unmistakable fragrance of spring. Combinations like Queen Anne’s Lace and hydrangeas offer a relaxed, cottage-garden feel. Tulips and daffodils can be found cheap at your local farmers market or grocery store, making fresh flowers possible in your home on a regular basis. Arrange your flowers in your favorite vase or opt for a more casual look with mason jars or recycled glass bottles. Another tack to amp up the flowers? Try adding some floral paintings or photographs to your space. Sites like Pinterest offer endless inspiring ideas to give you your floral fix. 

    8 Interior Design Tips to Freshen Up Your Bedroom for Spring

    “every space – most especially a guest bedroom – should have flowers ...”

    Jenna | Wife in Progress, Guest Room Refresh in Time for the Holidays

    6. Create harmony in your space by rearranging your furniture.

    Step back and look at your room objectively. Does your dresser block the sunlight from coming through a window? Would your bed be better placed in the center of the room rather than against a wall? The principles of feng shui are exceptionally relevant in bedrooms.

    If you’re planning a bedroom overhaul, look for furniture solutions that harmonize with your existing space but suit your needs in a whole new way. You may find that getting out of your comfort zone helps you discover pieces that work better for your day-to-day needs.

    “Because my master bedroom is on the small side [a lower and longer dresser] really would not work in this space without the mirror blocking a window. I am actually really happy I went with a tall boy, Fair Harbour bedroom chest, I feel as though it's able to hold more clothes and fits the space proportionally.” -Michelle | Weekend Craft, Farmhouse Style Master Bedroom

    8 Interior Design Tips to Freshen Up Your Bedroom for Spring

    7. The ultimate spring renewal, upgrading your bed.

    If you or your partner are waking up from a full night’s sleep feeling exhausted or experiencing aches and pains, it may be time to upgrade your sleeping situation; after all, you spend a third of your life there (or you should, according to the latest sleep science). Better mattresses now allow for firmness customized for your particular body type and needs. You may also want to consider upgrading to an adjustable power bed. With multiple positions and premium features like massage, they can help you wake up feeling refreshed, along with soothing away aches and pains. Raymour & Flanigan carries a wide range of Reverie power beds.

    8 Interior Design Tips to Freshen Up Your Bedroom for Spring

    8. Invite the outdoors inside with natural materials.

    Along with the aforementioned spring blooms, decorating your room with natural materials can lighten it up for spring. Depending on the style of your bed, maybe you can replace those heavy nightstands with natural wood tables. Look for taller legs or some sort of airiness in the design to lighten up the look. And there’s always the option to take a walk outside to see what beauty you can pick up there. Cut some branches and display them in a simple wicker container. Add those beautiful shells and pebbles collected from your beach vacation in glass bowls. Found materials add a light, personal feel to any bedroom and give you an excuse to get outdoors and enjoy the season.

    8 Interior Design Tips to Freshen Up Your Bedroom for Spring

    About Raymour & Flanigan

    Raymour & Flanigan is a valued Reverie Partner and the largest furniture retailer in the Northeast United States. They carry brand name furniture, accent pieces and area rugs for every room in the home. For more information, find Raymour & Flanigan reviews on BBB or follow them on Twitter.

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  6. Blackout Curtains, Blinds and Shades. A Buyer's Guide.
  7. Blackout Curtains, Blinds and Shades. A Buyer's Guide.

    Summertime brings longer days and more sun. Light pours in the windows, and that feels good to nearly all of us. Until we’re trying to get a full eight hours of sleep and the light wakes us up at 5:30 am. Light is a well-known enemy of sleep. Thankfully, we’re not entirely at the mercy of the sun (or headlights or neon signs). There's a wide array of light-filtering, room-darkening and blackout window treatments currently out there to help. Here are the major options, along with what to think about when choosing.

    Blackout liners

    Some companies make filtering liners that can be attached to the curtains you already have and love. Perfect and easy; right? Well, not so fast. You need to find a size that’s the same length and width as your curtains. Easier said than done. If the liners aren’t wide enough, you’re still letting light in, and they look funky during the day. If they’re too wide, there’s more aesthetic weirdness to deal with, with white liners hanging out from behind your curtains. If the liner isn’t the same length, you’ll also see it prominently silhouetted every time you walk by, like a black slip under a white skirt. Even if you own a sewing machine, you likely have better plans for your weekend than spending a couple hours measuring, hemming and attaching curtain liners.

    We also found the “convenient” attachment devices on these blackout curtain liners aren’t all that convenient. Some are too bulky or difficult to attach, or don’t stay put. Some have sharp metal hooks that could ruin drapes made from delicate fabrics. Others don’t work well with the spacing of big grommets. Maybe you’ll be lucky, and not to have to deal with any of the above issues. But chances are … you won’t.

    Roller shades

    An economical choice, and they don’t need to match the width of your curtains. They come in both light filtering and room darkening. Hanging them is simple, but the process of having them cut to size can be painful, especially if you don’t have an old shade to take to the store for matching the length. A recent roller purchase took us four trips to the hardware store for trimming. Measurements need to be spot on, because it’s a custom (i.e., nonreturnable) cut. If you go even 1/8” too short, the shade will pop out every time you pull it, and you’ve wasted your money. However, once you get the perfect size, roller shades do filter light quite nicely and are reasonably cheap.

    Minor down side? The shades are about a half inch smaller all the way around the window, so light creeps in around the edges. Roll-up shades also don’t come in sizes for really big windows. Typical length available in-store tops off at about 72”. Btw, vinyl roller shades are best pulled up when not in use, because they’re unattractive. And why darken the room if you’re not sleeping?

    Blackout curtains

    Ready-made blackout curtains

    These are another economical choice, and also easy. Pros? Blackout curtains are widely available and do a pretty good job of filtering light. Most home stores carry at least some light-filtering curtains. When choosing, be aware that the amount of light filtered can vary widely depending on the product. Try holding the curtains up to the light in the store to see whether they filter light or block it. The more light they block, the better for sleeping. Besides, you never know when you’ll be tempted to take an afternoon nap. Blackout curtains also are thicker than other curtains, meaning they can be more energy efficient and also help to block outside noise.

    Cons? The heavier material can necessitate sturdier (i.e., more expensive) curtain rods. But the biggest drawback about blackout curtains is a blatant case of the uglies. They either don’t drape very well or tend to look cheap and synthetic. The only ones that didn’t offend our inner interior designer were ones that had light blocking linings. Choices of these are limited at affordable price points, especially if you want colors beyond beige or prefer patterns. You can try making lined panels yourself (time-consuming but easy if you do clip-on curtain rings!). This option can still wind up being pricey, though. Cheapest blackout lining we saw was $6/yard, and that’s before you pop for the outer curtain fabric. Home décor fabric is typically wider and stronger than apparel fabric. Which means it costs more.

    room darkening window blinds

    Made-to-order curtains and blinds

    These work well, look great, and there are lots of options. Roman blackout shades, roll-up bamboo shades with blackout liners, gorgeous fabrics in rich and soul-satisfying colors. Internet and local stores that make them aren’t hard to find. But be prepared to part with a major chunk of change, even if your windows are small. Prices start around $200 per panel and go up (and up!) from there. If you opt for blinds or shades, consider the new ones with cordless mechanisms that prevent kids and pets from getting tangled and possibly choking.

    Motorized window treatments

    These are among the newest “smart” home items, They have all the pros of the more traditional blackout items we covered above, with one huge additional benefit – they allow you to wake to glorious natural light in the morning without leaving your bed. You can program the shades to automatically rise in the morning and lower at bedtime, and you can also operate them manually from your smartphone anytime. As you might expect, these come with an equally huge con: a 36” window starts around $300. Ouch. Other down sides? They’re either battery operated or have a power cord. So you’re either dealing with a lot of batteries to replace or extension cords, unless you’re lucky enough to have outlets right under all your windows. These are also more functionally complex than a curtain rod and therefore more likely to malfunction.

    Room Darkening Curtain Rod from Crate and Barrel

    Room darkening rod from CrateandBarrel.com.

    Blackout curtain rods

    Even with blackout curtains, light can peek out from the area between the curtain and your wall. Some manufacturers have recently come up with a new room-darkening curtain rod style that wraps around at the corners, blocking even more light. Prices are in line with other typical rods on the market, and they’re not hard to install. If you’re really sensitive to light, these are a good addition to your room-darkening arsenal.


    It all depends on your budget and your taste. After looking at all the options, we decided to make our own lined blackout curtains at some future date. Too cheap to spend the money on custom treatments, and too picky to settle for beige or ugly. We installed end-wrap curtain rods in anticipation and room darkening roller shades to tide us over. They’ve definitely helped with sleeping longer in the morning, though we do miss waking up to natural light. Good luck in making your own decision, but don’t procrastinate. Every moment of sleep is precious, and this is one way to make a big difference in your sleep hygiene immediately. Sleep well!

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  8. Advanced Bedroom Feng Shui
  9. Advanced Bedroom Feng Shui

    Feng shui centers around the idea of Qi, which is a flowing life force that basically rules the earth. Qi (pronounced chee) swirls all around us, the vital energy of life. Everything and everyone on earth gives off Qi and is affected by it.

    The words feng and shui are Chinese and literally translate into wind and water. If you think about the wind in the mindset of the Chinese, it translates into human breath. So feng shui represents the most crucial elements of life: wind (the ability to breathe) and water, which composes up to 60% of the human body. No human can last long without either. Not coincidentally, both wind and water are primary distributors of Qi.

    The theory of feng shui is that you can control and enhance the flow of Qi with the design of spaces and placement of objects. You can see why that would be relevant to the bedroom. Since we’ve already done a post about basic bedroom feng shui, 8 Feng Shui Principles for a Better Bedroom, we figure you are already semi-pros on the subject. You know never to sleep with your feet facing the door, to avoid sharp corners, pick a room at the back of the house and choose soothing colors. Now we’re moving on to some more advanced ideas to really bring on the zen.

    Big chandelier

    Skip the monoliths

    No hulking furniture next to the bed, blocking the Qi, making you feel small, obscuring your view or subconsciously feeling that it might tip over and crush you. Likewise, chandeliers and ceiling fans are great, but not over the bed. One surprising tip: huge bedrooms aren’t great for sleep. They can actually make you feel vulnerable, because it’s harder to keep track of what’s going on in a big room. There’s more stuff in the room, and you may not have a good line of sight to the door or the window. This may be a leftover instinct from caveman times.

    Bed placement

    Headboards create a feeling of safety and solidity, protecting your head and also shielding you from anything behind you that you can’t see. They’re a great choice if you must put your bed underneath a window or in the middle of the room. Make sure the headboard is solid and attached to the bed, so you’re not creating a feeling of unease, worrying that it might tip over. Avoid placing your bed near a window, where your body’s Qi may fly up and out the window.

    Woman standing at open bedroom window

    Air care

    While clean air is essential for Qi, carbon dioxide is not. Having plants in your bedroom is a contested point of feng shui—as plants often grow at night, emitting carbon dioxide. If you like plants, we recommend keeping them across the room rather than next to your bed and keeping them on the small side. In the morning, open the windows to let out carbon dioxide from your own breathing. A colossal bedroom feng shui mistake: dried flowers. They connote death. #Avoid

    Clothes hanging on chair

    Chaos containment

    Clutter not only stops the flow of Qi, it stresses you out. Get rid of it. All of it. Also stressful? Intense or disturbing artwork in the bedroom. The Delacroix battle reproduction or neon Peter Max poster is better for the living room. Likewise, bizarre or precarious furniture should be banished. Glass tables, grotto chairs and psychedelic pillows should be relocated elsewhere.

    Karma patrol

    The bedroom is no place to hold on to negative energy. Toss your ex’s old sweatshirt and that mix CD in the bottom drawer. Use a sage stick to burn away bad vibes and remember to wave it in the corners, where bad Qi can get trapped. For obvious reasons, if you have an en suite, keep the bathroom door closed. Keep your bedroom door closed, too. The idea is to keep Qi in the room at night, freely circulating.

    window treatments

    Give peace a chance

    Good sleep hygiene is something we often talk about on this blog and, unsurprisingly, it is also good bedroom feng shui. Eliminate noise. Bring nature in with organic sheets. And invest in quality window treatments. Look for ones that block out light and can be easily opened and closed. You want to shut out light when sleeping, but also be able to welcome it into your bedroom in the morning. Ease yourself gently awake with a smartphone alarm that uses chimes or other peaceful sounds. Or get a combo alarm clock/light that brightens slowly, waking you by simulating the rising sun.

    Nurturing relationships

    It’s like dating advice, but good feng shui involves inviting the kind of relationship you want into the bedroom. Symmetry around the bed is good. Go for two lamps, two candlesticks and bedside tables on both sides. Include artwork that depicts a couple rather than a single person. Peonies in the room promote love; avoid single flowers. And never put the mirror over, next to, or opposite the bed. Not only can the reflections be distracting, but feng shui says bad mirror placement is a triple threat. It can magnify problems, make the Qi bounce around the room uneasily and invite others into your relationship.

    All in all

    The more we learn about feng shui, the more it seems grounded in common sense, a light understanding of the workings of the subconscious mind, and even some principles of physics. You know the saying, “Good luck is good planning.” Well, good sleep is good planning, too. We encourage you to give your bedroom a makeover with some of our feng shui tips, and let us know how they work for you.

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  10. Design Trends: Bed Frames and Headboards we Love
  11. Design Trends: Bed Frames and Headboards we Love

    All right, interior design divas. You know who you are. Style matters. And that definitely includes your bedroom. We’re frequently asked whether our sleep systems will work inside bed frames that customers love. Most of the time, happily, the answer is yes. So whether it’s Aunt Betty’s bed you inherited, that mahogany sleigh bed frame you invested in last year, or a sleek modern number you saw on Fifth Avenue, don’t assume you have to sacrifice a great night’s sleep to please your own particular design aesthetic.

    Before we go any further, we should add this important legal caveat:  each bed is an individual case and has to be specifically measured to see if it will work with the exact sleep system you want. The bed frames pictured in this blog are merely idea starters. Furniture manufacturers are notoriously hard to reach, so we can’t promise that any of the beds shown here will fit. However, we can absolutely promise that if you have specific measurements on a bed you already own or are considering, one of our Customer Care reps will give you a free fitting consult – 800.456.7383.

    That dispensed with, let’s get on with it. Here are some bed frames we’ve seen recently that we’re obsessed with and think would look great with our sleep systems.

    Luxe and Regal

    This stately four-poster is flat-out opulent yet somehow restrained, too. The burnished goldish yellowish finish is warm and rich, perfect when contrasted with taupe organic linens.

    Four Post Bed

    Melange Montage Poster Bed by Hooker Furniture, Queen, $2,508 at Houzz.com

    Sophisticated Contemporary

    For years, Candice Olsen did the most upscale rooms on her HG-TV, showcasing her signature style of contemporary spiced up with some sparkling glam. This bed is pure Candice. We love those graphic vertical grooves.

    Contemporary Headboard

    Marlina Bed by Candice Olsen, King $1777 (sale), regularly $2,539 at Horchow.com

    Fresh and Natural

    Crisp, modern bed softened with the natural feel of rattan. Totes elegant yet youthful, too. Perfect if you want a zen vibe or even Swedish feel in your bedroom.

    Rattan Bed Frame

    Cecilia Bed, Queen $999 at CB2.com

    Opulent and Formal

    Cut-out shape. Custom, handpainted designs layered on in gold, with a Chinoiserie feel as well.  This bed frame is crafted with the same kind of obsessive care we put into our adjustable beds.

    Classical Bed Headboard

    Venetian Bed by Baker. Price depends on features. Available through various retailers.

    Modern Japponaise

    Bamboo-look rattan has a light, open feeling. It puts us in the mind of some Mid Century Modern bamboo furniture. There’s also a feeling of freshness that comes from painting it this lovely, milky green blue. Nice juxtaposition with our bed.

    Mid Century Modern bamboo headboard

    Blue Bernadette Headboard, Queen $479 at OneKingsLane.com

    Burnished Leather

    The luxe brown leather and spare, straight lines put us in the mind of legendary interior designer Jean-Michel Frank.

    Modern Leather Bed Frame

    Marseilles Panel Bed, Queen $3952 from RestorationHardware.com (with $100 membership pricing)

    Retro Chic

    Made for the masses, Heywood Wakefield was one of the top furniture makers in the 40s and 50s. Their solid birch furniture has bold modern swagger and is  extremely high quality. This bed is a recreation of one of their classic designs to fit the proportions of modern mattresses.  Responsibly-sourced wood, 100% made in America.

    Retro Birch Bed Frame

    Stylemaster Bed by Heywood Wakefield, Queen $1,495 at Heywood Wakefield.com

    Amped-up Traditional

    Old World charm tempered by cool silver and an amazing gold inlay. The brushed metal feel of the paint adds lustre and a feeling of depth to the bed, and those undulating lines are everything.

    Old World charm

    Enchanted Evening Bed by Theodore Alexander Argento, King $5,826 at Houzz.com

    Make Your Own

    Architectural pieces, giant canvasses, pillows in window frames, old doors … the possibilities are only limited by your creativity. Attach them to the wall and push our bed on front. Done. As longtime interior design fans, we thought we’d seen it all, but this macramé-meets-needlepoint headboard blew our minds. How great would it look with our grey beds? (Answer: Great!)

    Build your own bedframe

    Photo credit:  Architecture Art Designs

    We hope our tour through the world of bed frames, luxury beds and headboards has sparked some ideas for you. Again, we encourage you to call our Customer Care team at 800.456.7383 if you’d like to see if your frame will play nice with one of our adjustable beds. We also invite you to share a bed frame that you love and think would look great with one of our adjustable beds. In fact, we dare you!

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  12. Top 10 Gadgets for Your Bedroom
  13. Top 10 Gadgets for Your Bedroom

    Technology and sleep have a complicated relationship. The Industrial Revolution brought about massive disruptions to our natural sleep patterns, and much of the technology that’s so integral to our daily existence continues to make it difficult to fall asleep at night—not to mention the havoc it wreaks on the sleep of teens, who need shut-eye more than anyone else.

    And yet technology has also given rise to great improvements in sleep. Apps give us greater insight into our nightly sleeping patterns, advances in bed and linen technology allows for a completely optimized sleep experience, and a seemingly endless array of new gadgets has popped up to fulfill our every sleep need.

    So what’s the verdict? Is technology good for sleep, or bad? The answer is yes. While staring at your iPhone in bed until you’re ready to turn in is still not a smart idea, some technology was created with the specific science of sleep in mind, and can seriously up your sleep game.

    In fact, there’s so much incredible sleep technology out there that it can be difficult to figure out which products are right for you! That’s why we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite bedroom gadgets to help you sleep better each night, and wake up feeling amazing each morning.

    1. Sense

    This futuristic-looking sleep tracker measures and monitors your sleep behavior, while also keeping close tabs on bedroom conditions—things like light, noise, temperature, humidity, particulates in the air, etc. Even cooler: if you use the alarm feature, it will sense when you’re in the lightest part of your sleep cycle and wake you up then.

    2. iQ Alarm Clock

    For those of us who aren’t morning people, getting out of bed when the alarm goes off can be quite challenging—even if we’re at the lightest stage of our sleep cycle, it’s all too tempting to just hit snooze and slide back into slumber. That’s what makes the iQ alarm clock so brilliant: the only way to get it to stop going off is to answer certain questions that require a modicum of lucidity to solve. This gets your brain activated first thing in the morning, helping to sharpen your problem-solving skills and making it that much less likely that you’ll slip back to sleep.

    3. USB heated slippers

    On an icy winter morning, there are a lot of reasons to want to stay in bed—not the least of which is dreading the sensation of the cold floor on your feet. That’s when these USB-heated slippers come to the rescue. These ultra-cozy slippers have USB-powered heating units that distribute warmth throughout the slippers to keep your toes nice and toasty.

    4. Elation Bluetooth Surround Sound Speakers

    Having high-quality music in your bedroom can enhance every experience—relaxing at the end of a long day, gearing up for the day in the morning, getting dressed for a big event. However, having bulky speaker systems and wires hooked up in the space you sleep doesn’t create a relaxing, sleep-friendly environment. That’s why these premium Bluetooth speakers are so brilliant: they clip to you bed’s foundation, letting you fill your room with sound while retaining the peaceful aesthetic of your bedroom.

    5. Cubesensors

    These cordless, stylish cubes look almost like modern art pieces, but they’re actually extremely functional. Each cube monitors temperature, humidity, air quality, noise, light, and pressure in the room and sends this information to the cloud so that you can access it anywhere. They also send you alerts when conditions in your bedroom are suboptimal, and even let you know when it’s time to dim the lights in the evening!

    6. FlipFlic

    Now seeking funding on Kickstarter, this cool solar-powered gadget clips to your (vertical or horizontal) venetian blinds and adjusts how much light is let in based on weather, room temperature, and light conditions. Not only is this an easy, hands-off way to keep your bedroom conditions perfect, it can also save you a lot on your energy bill!

    7. Osmos Smart Humidifier

    This isn’t your mom’s humidifier. The Osmos automatically shuts off when optimal humidity level is reached, and sends you a notification when it needs refilling or the filters need to be replaced. You can also control it from your mobile device, making it easier than ever to combat dry air in your bedroom.

    8. Under-the-bed nightlight

    An included feature in our 9T adjustable foundation, the under-the-bed nightlight solves the whole groping-around-for-a-light-switch-in-the-dark problem, helping you make it safely across the room if the need for a midnight bathroom trip should arise.

    9. Legato Avea Mood Light

    Whether it’s for a lazy morning or an intimate evening, you can create the perfect mood with this innovative and striking mood lighting. You can control the light mood from your smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet, and totally transform your room with just a few taps!

    10. Nest Thermostat

    The Nest has been around for a while, but it’s such a brilliant, simple, and useful device that it merits a place on this list. With auto-scheduled temperatures, a Wi-Fi-enabled remote control, and serious energy-saving benefits, the Nest is a no-brainer for creating your perfect sleep sanctuary.

    Plug in, log on, power up…and then, drift off.

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  14. Amazing New Sleep Fabrics
  15. Amazing New Sleep Fabrics

    When was the last time you changed your bed sheets?

    Hang on—we’re not talking about just putting on a fresh pair when the last set goes in the wash. We’re talking about a more substantial change, a change that could seriously impact the sleep quality of you and your loved ones: we’re talking about bed sheets fabric.

    When it comes to the bedding material you’re probably used to most conversation centering around high thread count sheets. If you’re going with cotton bed sheets, this is certainly a valid point to consider, but the thing is: there are a whole lot of other options out there.

    In recent years, technological innovations have led to an explosion in the bed sheet choices available to consumers. From twists on traditional fabrics to totally new ones to a seemingly endless array of treatments you can use to customize a fabric entirely to your liking, the question of material is anything but immaterial.

    basic bed sheet fabrics

    Bed Sheet Materials

    Also called “commodity yarns,” this category of material contains named that are most likely to be familiar to you. They’ve been around for a while, but continue to be improved by new advances.

    • Polyester: An environmentally-friendly alternative, which has a smooth, satin sheet feel. Reverie uses enhanced performance polyester in our products.
    • Cotton: A soft, fluffy fiber that provides breathable comfort. Reverie uses organic cotton in our products.
    • Viscose: More commonly known called rayon, this manmade fiber closely simulates natural fabrics, providing a cool, smooth feel.

    staple material linens

    Staple fiber yarn, also known as spun yarn, is any yarn made up of short-length fibers, called staples. They come in a wide variety of forms.

    • Tencel: A natural raw material that is 100% biodegradable, while also providing excellent moisture-wicking properties. Reverie uses Tencel fabric in our products.
    • Kapok: Silky, natural fibers that are moisture-resistant and temperature regulating. Frequently used as a filling for comforters and pillows.
    • Silk: Stronger than steel, silk creates a delicate and luxurious texture while also helping to regulate body temperature.
    • Cashmere: A natural fiber with excellent natural softness, cashmere is very effective at keeping you toasty. 

    filament yarns materials

    Filament yarn describes yarns in which single filaments are grouped together and then twisted until they become workable. Many modern fabrics are made from filament yarns.

    • Tactel Fabric: An incredibly soft fiber known for its excellent moisture management and breathability.
    • CoolPlus: A powerful tool against humidity, CoolPlus keeps the skin dry and cool. Reverie offers CoolPlus on a number of our pillows and bed linens.
    • Emana: This intelligent yarn improves blood circulation when in contact with the skin for more than six hours—and has even been shown to reduce cellulite and increase skin elasticity.
    • Rev-Cool: A permanent phase changing cooling fabric that provides heat transfer properties very close to metal, while remaining soft and flexible. It can cool you down instantly at the touch for a better night’s sleep. Also featured on many Reverie products.

    Fabric Treatments

    If no material has everything you’re looking for, have no fear. With a plethora of treatments available, you can customize your sleeping experience to no end. Here’s a sampling if what’s out there:

    • Aegis: Offers protection against dust mites and bacteria using a non-migrating permanent nano-coating on the fiber, specially designed to deactivate microorganisms. Stays fixed on the fabric.
    • Ultrafresh Silpure: An antibacterial treatment based on natural silver. Protects against harmful and odor-causing bacteria. Can fight bacteria and contamination and maintain freshness. Naturally anti-static and highly durable.
    • Ecoshield: Using a 100% natural active ingredient, eucalyptus citriodora oil, Ecoshield protects fabrics from insects. Provides protection against insects (bed bugs, dust mites, mosquitoes, moths,) while remaining harmless to human beings. Resistant to multiple washings.
    • Rev-Tek: A nanotechnology that keeps you dry and comfortable, offering coolness, breathability, durability, and moisture-wicking properties. Naturally soft, Rev-Tek maximizes performance over time. Available on Reverie products.


    Still want more? Bed linens can now come with a whole host of add-ons, including:

    • Perfumes
    • Fire retardant treatments
    • Water and stain repellents

    What’s more, this overview just barely scratches the surface on the amazing new bedding materials available. We’re thrilled to offer many of these treatments and fabrics to our consumers, and are excited at the prospect of adding new options as technology advances.

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  16. What Should I Do with My Old Mattress?
  17. What Should I Do with My Old Mattress?

    Durable materials and increased lifespan notwithstanding, every mattress, no matter how sturdy, sees its last sleep. Eventually, an innerspring mattress weakens, the memory foam topper wears out, the cover grows thin, and every mattress eventually reaches the end of its days.

    And when the time has come to buy a new mattress, you also need to figure out how to dispose of your old one (amid the myriad other decisions you’ll need to make about your new purchase).

    Fortunately, the answer isn’t as complicated as you might fear. There are essentially three options: government collection, private collection, and recycling or mattress donation.

    Most municipalities have specific procedures that must be followed when disposing of a used mattress, oftentimes including a certain manner of disposal (like putting the entire mattress in a specific type of bag) as well as a fee. You can check your local government’s website for the procedure in your area.

    In a few states, including Connecticut, California, and Rhode Island, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) laws help alleviate the burden on the government workers (and reduce the number of consumers who shirk rules and simply dump their mattress on the street) by putting the responsibility on the mattress producer. With EPR laws, consumers pay a fee upfront when they buy their mattress to fund public collection and mattresses disposal, thus facilitating used mattress recycling.

    Of course, there is also an endless selection of private companies looking to cash in on your predicament by charging a mattress pick up fee to dispose of your mattress hassle-free.

    But the best option by far, the one that’s good for your wallet, your city, and the environment, is to recycle your old mattress. Though people may not often think of a mattress as a recyclable item, in fact almost every component of a mattress can be recycled. Most municipal facilities won’t take your mattress, but there are an increasing number of private companies and non-profits that will pick up your mattress and recycle or repurpose it for free.

    If you’re looking to recycle your mattress, the Mattress Recycling Council is a great resource to find a facility near you. Once you set up a time, they’ll pick up your mattress, bring it to their processing center, and break it down into its very useful component parts—polyurethane foam, cotton fiber, metal—to be reused for myriad other products.

    An equally environmentally-friendly option, which could also help out someone in need, is mattress donation. Here at Reverie, we’ve found Salvation Army to be a wonderful resource for donating our used Sleep Systems, as well as several church-based charities in the area (Father Joe’s Village and Union Gospel Mission, specifically). To find a convenient resource near you, do a quick internet search or call up your local Salvation Army.

    Not only will donating or recycling your mattress save you fees and hassle, it also makes a difference in the world.

    And that difference is real: Currently, most mattresses and box springs end up in landfill or are dumped illegally, even though at least 85% of their mass could potentially be repurposed. What’s more, a mattress can take up as much as 40 cubic feet in a landfill, making their footprint significant. Fortunately, the efforts are working, and reprocessing practices in place today offset an estimated 45% of greenhouse gas emissions of mattresses from production to landfill.

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