Reverie In The News 2018
  1. Reverie In The News 2018

    Here's what people are saying about Reverie out in the big wide world in 2018, with our most recent press coverage first. Click the link to read the story.

    JUNE 2018

    Yahoo Sports

    Reverie's new Sleep Coach™ program gets detailed coverage.

    MSN does a short, fun news video explaining Reverie Sleep Coach. 

    Reverie's revolutionary new Sleep Coach™ program gets a glowing writeup by this tech-focused site. 

    Reverie's new Sleep Coach™ platform is deemed a hot trend in this article.

    MAY 2018 

    Our CMO Lisa Tan talks to about sleep disorders and how they can affect relationships. 

    APRIL 2018

    Consumer Reports 

    Our CMO Lisa Tan is quoted in an informative article about power beds, aka adjustable bases. 

    MARCH 2018

    Women's Choice Award® 

    Reverie wins the award in two categories. Again. The award is based on what women owners say about our beds. Details here.

    Mini magazine

    Nice story on all the ways Reverie power beds are great for moms. Read it here.

    Reverie Advisory Board member Dr. Dawn Dore-Stites, a pediatric sleep expert, is prominently featured by Romper, a popular site for moms.

    Readers Digest 

    Reverie Advisory Board member Benjamin Smarr, PhD, gives insight on coping with daylight savings time in an in-depth article here. 

    FEBRUARY 2018

    USA Weekly

    Our CEO, Martin Rawls-Meehan is interviewed about the sleep biz.

    The Wall Street Journal

    Our busy and fearless CMO Lisa Tan makes the WSJ (with a full accompanying illustration!) where they discuss her preferred method for de-stressing. Check it out here. 

    JANUARY 2018

    Active Times

    CEO Martin Rawls-Meehan discusses high tech sleep with this fitness-focused blog. Story here.

    Reverie's Chief Marketing Office Lisa Tan talks New Years resolutions and weight loss. Story here.

    CES 2018

    We went to CES, the prestigious Consumer Electronics Show, for our first time ever. And we made quite an impression with our technology and our mind-control bed.

    Innovation and Tech Today

    Their assistant editor checks out our mind-control bed and interviews us on video at CES.

    A top tech magazine gives us their CES Editor's Choice Award.

    Innovation and Tech Today magazine gave us their Editor's Choice Award for 2018. Story here.  

    Check out our CES video. 

    Reuters TV

    They go to CES and feature our bed in this episode. Reverie coverage starts at 2:15 in the video.

    Sleep tips with Tech Republic at CES.

    Video sleep tips from our CEO, Martin Rawls-Meehan. See video.

    Our smart bed with Tech Republic.

    Our CEO discusses how reading your brain waves will lead to better sleep in the future. See video.

    In-Style magazine

    Our CMO, Lisa Tan, gives advice on best sleep positions, depending on what your situation is.

    Pregnant? New parent or have small kids? Tired? Get tips and info on our special site for exhausted moms. 

    Ready to start sleeping better?

    moms need sleep

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  2. Pregnancy Sleeping Positions: A Pregnant Doctor Hacks our Bed
  3. Pregnancy Sleeping Positions: A Pregnant Doctor Hacks our Bed

    By Dr. Amelia Bailey, Ob/Gyn

    As an Ob-Gyn in the third trimester of my second pregnancy, I am keenly aware of the many changes the female body undergoes while doing the very important work of growing a new life.  Hormones surge, ligaments and skin stretch, and bones shift to accommodate your little one, who starts off as one cell and becomes trillions of cells by birth. Momentous, certainly. But it also sounds uncomfortable, right? It is. So what can we do to make sure these nine months are more joy than pain while nurturing our future astrophysicists? One of the most important steps is ensuring adequate nightly amounts of peaceful sleep in spite of our frequent bathroom visits.

    Pregnancy sleep positions: a pregnant doctor hacks our bed

    Dr. Amelia Bailey, who is currently pregnant, came up with a DreamCell™ configuration for expectant mothers

    On becoming a side sleeper

    During your first trimester, you can sleep the same way you always have, even if you sleep on your stomach or back. Second trimester, though, we have to start making adjustments to improve comfort. I encourage side sleeping, a position that maximizes blood flow to the baby.

    Pregnancy sleep positions: a pregnant doctor hacks our bed

    How Dr. Bailey rearranged her DreamCell™ springs

    I bought my Reverie Dream Sleep System a couple years ago, and have had it for both pregnancies. It features a mattress that can be switched up to accommodate life changes.

    This allowed me to develop my own personal DreamCell configuration that provides support for our beautifully enlarging bellies in a side-sleeping position (see image). Because the pink (softest) foam cells are in a line down the center, your body will more naturally stay on its side once you lie down in that position. You will notice that there are blue coils in the area where your tummy will rest to provide additional support there. To view a chart of the full configuration, click here.

    Why a power adjustable bed can help

    Because my Reverie bed has a power adjustable bed base, I can also adjust the head and foot heights to provide the support I need. The foot of my bed is completely flat, which keeps my back comfortable, while the head of my bed is almost 15 degrees (I go to the Anti-Snore position, then lower the head for 1-2 seconds). This just happens to be the arrangement that is most comfortable for me, but you should play around with the heights and find what works best for you. During your third trimester, you can use the same cell configuration and adjustment tricks but may need to reposition the head and foot heights to increase comfort levels. There are not a lot of studies that show a safe intensity of massage during pregnancy, so I play it safe and avoid use of the massage function on my bed until after baby is born.

    Let’s talk pillows and linens

    Pregnancy sleep positions: a pregnant doctor hacks our bedMany women feel warmer during pregnancy, so using bed sheets in natural, breathable fibers or sleeping with a fan may improve your sleep.  I also use a large U-shaped body pillow that stretches to below my knees in front and back. This pillow provides support between my knees, under my tummy, and beneath my head while acting as a posterior barrier to prevent me from rolling onto my back. If you are a natural side sleeper, you may only need a one-sided pillow such as the Cool Down or Sweet Zone™ latex pillow under your head and the adjustable Sweet Slumber adjustable pillow between your knees. Look for pillows that meet your specific needs.

    Rest, rest and more rest

    Sleep is paramount during pregnancy to support maternal and fetal well-being and development.  Getting comfortable may require trial and error as well as frequent changes while your body grows to house your little one, but it is worth the effort. A focus on resting while you are pregnant will pay great dividends during the upcoming nighttime feeding and snuggle sessions that you are about to have. Good luck; I will be in the same boat!

    Pregnant? New parent or have small kids? Tired? Get tips and info on our special site for exhausted moms. 

    Ready to start sleeping better?

    moms need sleep

    Dr Amelia Bailey

    Dr. Amelia P. Bailey is a reproductive endocrinologist and infertility (REI) specialist in Memphis, Tennessee. She is the mom of two young children and currently serves on Reverie’s Advisory Board.

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  4. Summer Getaway:  Little Inn, Big Comfort
  5. Summer Getaway: Little Inn, Big Comfort

    Nestled near the bay in picturesque Petoskey, Michigan, is a little hotel with immaculate grounds, spotless rooms and an exceedingly unusual point of view.

    In the world of moderately priced hotels where it competes, there’s a numbing sameness. Quilted coverlets in swirls of seafoam green and mauve. Plus faux oak. Lots of faux oak.

    Not the case with the @ Michigan Inn and Lodge. And no, the “@” is not a typo. The rooms are modern and well-appointed. Not a smidge of oak in sight. And that’s just for starters.

    To say the Inn’s owner is a renegade is a bit of an understatement. Dave Taylor revels in being different. “We’re doing things no other hotel is doing. I check things out on Google. Google doesn’t lie,” he says. Case in point:  he has a hair salon on site, and every room booking comes with a free haircut. #YesReally

    Petoskey is four hours north of Detroit. It’s a perfect getaway spot and most visitors must drive to get there. So Dave installed 72 carports in his parking lot.

    And let’s talk about the food at the inn. Food all day long, all you can eat. From 6am to 10pm in the cafeteria. His website encourages customers to “Come hungry and with long hair.” #AgainReally

    Whatever sounds like fun to Dave and his customers might like, that is what Dave does.

    Upgrading the experience

    It should come as no surprise that Dave thought comfortable beds would be nice for his customers. But nothing traditional would do; Dave went all out. He installed our Reverie Dream™ sleep systems throughout his hotel in late October 2016. Turns out he was right: his customers rave about them. “My customers have said every nice thing that could be said about those beds,” says Dave. Trip Advisor reviews of his hotel ever since the switch have included overwhelmingly positive and frequent mentions of the “amazing” beds. #Truth

    What to do on your Petoskey getaway

    Petoskey is on Lake Michigan in Little Traverse Bay, in an area noted for lakes, woods, outdoor activities and its overall laidback vibe. Hiking and kayaking are definitely in order. Or take the more chill route and stroll the beach looking for the area’s famous Petoskey stones. For shopping and strolling, check out the city’s historic Gaslight District.

    The Gaslight District was frequented by Ernest Hemingway, the area’s most famous former resident. He spent his youthful summers at the family cottage in Petoskey, writing some of his earliest work there. This includes the acclaimed Nick Adams short story series. The Michigan Hemingway Society hosts an annual conference in Petoskey; this year it’s October 14-16. There are also Hemingway tours year-round. No bullfighting or giant marlins in Petoskey to write about, like in his later work. But there are some nice bars, including the City Park Grill, which was Papa Hemingway’s favorite and is still in business.

    The northern Lower Peninsula has also grown into a major wine producing area. The vineyard of the Harbor Springs label, aka Pond Hill Farms, is a short drive from Petoskey. It gets great reviews on Trip Advisor, just like Dave’s hotel. You can tour the vineyard year-round, as well as the working farm. A café, winery and brewery are all on the premises, so there’s plenty to do, see and sample for the whole family.

    If you go …

    Follow the @ Michigan Inn and Lodge on Twitter. Anyone who does, gets a 20% discount, which also applies if you want a second haircut. Carports are first come, first served.  Of course, enjoy those comfortable Reverie beds. Please tell Dave we said “hi!” and post a photo of your new haircut on our FB page or Instagram feed

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