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November 7, 2019 All posts Jared Sebastian
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Here's what people are saying about Reverie® out in the big wide world, with our most recent press coverage first. Click the link to read the story.

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MARCH 2020

Woman's Day

Olympic gold medalist and Reverie partner Allyson Felix shares why she considers sleep to be essential to better performance, and the changes to her daily habits that are making all the difference.

Home Furnishings Business magazine

We are very excited to announce a partnership with six-time track and field Olympic gold medalist Allyson Felix! Read all about the exciting details in this press release featured in Home Furnishings Business.


In this article "What Happens to Your Body When You Wake Up at 5 a.m. Every Day", Reverie Sleep Advisory Board member Dr. Benjamin Smarr adds some helpful insight into how your chronotype influences your ability to wake up early.

Reverie Sleep Coach Rachel Wong lends her advice on drinking water before bed to this listicle "The 20 Things You Do Before Bed That Sabotage Your Sleep".

Our DreamCell mattresses are mentioned as an example of "customizable mattresses", in this article covering the wide variety of mattress types available today.


Reviews site has included our 9T adjustable base in their "Best Bed Frames of 2020" list! They praise the 9T specifically for its long list of included tech features, like Bluetooth compatibility and the under bed nightlight.



The Huffington Post

Our newest Reverie Sleep Advisory Board member Dr. Thanuja Hamilton talks about the downside of a bedroom TV in this HuffPost listicle 13 Things Sleep Experts Would Never, Ever Keep In Their Bedroom.



Innovation & Tech Today

Our cutting-edge R650 power base made it onto Innovation & Tech Today's "Top 10 Tech Products for October"! Learn more about how the R650 can upgrade your sleep.


JULY 2019

Home Furnishings Business magazine

Get all the details on our brand new, revolutionary voice-activation technology, Reverie Connect. Reverie Connect works with smart home devices to allow Reverie customers the opportunity to adjust their power bed and find their perfect comfort through the power of their voice.

Home Furnishings Business magazine

Read all about our newly-redesigned Reverie Nightstand™ app in this article featuring Reverie CMO Lisa Tan. The Nightstand app allows owners of Reverie Bluetooth®-enabled power bases to access a number of extra features at no extra cost—features including a raise-awake alarm, Comfort Settings, and scheduled Routines.


Reverie bed and powerbase with white logo and potted plant in white planter.

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JUNE 2019

FOX Business

CEO Martin Rawls-Meehan sat down with the hosts of FOX Business Network's "Mornings with Maria" to talk about our brand-new Reverie Connect technology, which merges the unbeatable comfort of a Reverie power bed with the ease of voice activation. See FOX Business anchor Cheryl Casone move a Reverie power bed into the Zero Gravity position using only her voice!


APRIL 2019

Both our CEO Martin Rawls-Meehan and Sleep Advisory Board member Dr. Dawn Dore-Stites lend some great advice to this list of the best bedtime products, which features our Sweet Slumber Adjustable Pillow.

Innovation & Tech Today

This newly-published video from Innovation & Tech Today features an interview with Reverie CMO Lisa Tan from CES this past January, talking all about the newest Reverie products and tech innovations.


MARCH 2019

In this article listing the 10 self-limiting behaviors entrepreneurs should avoid, Reverie CEO Martin Rawls-Meehan gets a shout-out for talking about the importance of sleep for everyone—even the leaders of growing businesses.

DealMakers podcast

CEO Martin Rawls-Meehan tells the exciting story of Reverie's early beginning and the leadership practices he uses today as the company continues to grow on this podcast hosted by entrepreneur and author Alejandro Cremades.

Our Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Tan sat down for a Q&A where she covers a lot of unique marketing insights that she has learned over the course of her time as a marketer. If you're an entrepreneur looking for some fresh, practical marketing tips, this is an interview you should not miss!

Reverie's lead Sleep Coach Rachel Wong advises us to watch out for caffeine and keep the bedroom temp cool in this article all about the importance of keeping a sleep log.



Lead Sleep Coach Rachel Wong dishes out some great advice on how to make your bedroom the best environment for a good night’s sleep.

Our Sweet Slumber pillow is listed as the best latex pillow for side sleepers in this article providing a list of the best pillows for side sleepers experiencing neck and shoulder pain.

Reader's Digest

Our lead Sleep Coach Rachel Wong drops some advice about drinking water before bed in this article that lists the worst things to do before bed, and how to avoid them.

Home Furnishings Business magazine

This article covers Reverie’s exciting announcement of our brand-new voice-activation feature, available with all Bluetooth®️-compatible power bases in our new 2019 lineup.

This article on the rising trend of nap centers includes informative quotes from Dr. Benjamin Smarr, National Institutes of Health Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Berkeley and Reverie sleep advisory board member.

Well + Good

Reverie CEO Martin Rawls-Meehan and CMO Lisa Tan tell us about the nightly dance parties they have scheduled with their daughters in this article containing 22 self-care rituals practiced by professionals across various industries.

This fun article from Adweek imagines your day from start to finish assisted by all the new smart products at CES 2019, starting off with Reverie’s new voice-activated power base and its lift-awake feature.

CES coverage, hot off the press! Our all-new Amazon Alexa-compatible voice-activated power beds are covered in this article about the Alexa fever taking over new tech at this year’s CES.

Reverie CEO Martin Rawls-Meehan lends his sleep smarts to this helpful article detailing science-backed solutions for a healthy lifestyle.

Home Furnishings Business magazine

We’re headed to the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas for our second year in a row! Catch all the details, plus a quote from CEO Martin Rawls-Meehan, in this article.



Our CEO Martin Rawls-Meehan is featured in this Forbes article covering his entrepreneurship journey, as he transformed Reverie from an early dream into the pioneering sleep technology company that we are today.

Our lead Sleep Coach Rachel Wong explains the value of a sleep reset weekend and setting firm bedtimes in this article covering the best methods to meet your fitness goals in the new year.

Our Reverie®️ Sleep Coach™ program is featured in this special holiday gift guide for your wellness-minded friends.


Our Sleep Advisory Board member Dr. Benjamin Smarr adds his expertise to this article on the signs that let you know you’re not getting enough sleep.

This informative article on social jet lag includes input from Dr. Dawn Dore-Stites, one of our Reverie Sleep Advisory Board members.

Our versatile power bases are featured in this article listing the must-have elements for better sleep.

In this article covering 7 questions you should ask your doctor, Sleep Advisory Board member Dr. Benjamin Smarr discusses the value of patient questions to the larger study of sleep.

Our breathable, moisture wicking Luxe Rev-Tek Performance Sheet Set was included in this 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Moms.

Our Sleep Advisory Board member Dr. Benjamin Smarr lends his invaluable input to this article on Travel + Leisures website covering five sleep tricks for frequent travelers.


Sleep Advisory Board member Dr. Benjamin Smarr provides his tips for preparing for the end of daylight saving time in this post on

Dr. Amelia Bailey, a member of our Sleep Advisory Board, outlines sleep’s link to increased hunger in this article covering “5 Signs That You Need More Sleep”.

Our Dual Slumber pillow is included in this list on covering the best healthy living products that can be purchased through Amazon.

Our CEO Martin-Rawls Meehan is featured in this article on popular home décor and lifestyle site covering a whole host of tips and tricks for getting a great night’s sleep.

Furniture Today highlights the newest addition to our “Ask for Reverie” campaign—our awesome testimonials, featuring real people telling the stories of how our products have changed their lives.



Our 4M adjustable foundation was a winner in the Men’s Health Sleep Awards 2018! You can find it covered in this article on the best sleep products on the market.

Sleep Retailer includes our new Sleep Coach™ program in a list covering the biggest trends in mattress retail today.

A new interview with our CEO Martin Rawls-Meehan details how Reverie is taking its commitment to great sleep global.

The Sleep Retailer Podcast

Editors from Sleep Retailer magazine recently sat down with our CMO Lisa Tan for their new Sleep Retailer Podcast.

A writer from Shape shares her experience of how our Sleep Coach™ program helped her deal with some of her unique challenges to getting a good night’s sleep.


Reader's Digest

In this back-to-school health checklist, our CEO Martin Rawls-Meehan details how parents can help their kids have the best school year possible by encouraging healthy sleep habits.

CMO Lisa Tan gives out some great advice and discusses what makes Reverie stand apart from the crowd, as well as the inspiration behind our new Sleep Coach™ program.

Distinguished neurobiologist Dr. Benjamin Smarr, a member of Reverie's Advisory Board, is extensively quoted in this article about waking up before your alarm clock.

JULY 2018

Home Furnishing Business magazine

Our very own CMO Lisa Tan was named to their Forty Under 40 List of top furniture industry executives. Everybody here knows this honor is well-deserved.


A long feature article on Reverie Sleep Coach with our CEO Martin Rawls-Meehan.

Reverie CEO Martin Rawls-Meehan talks about consistency as a key to getting better sleep.

JUNE 2018

Reverie Advisory Board member Dr. Dawn Dore-Stites weighs in on how sleep is linked to migraines in this site dedicated to female empowerment, founded by Zooey Deschanel, Molly McAleer and Sophi Rossi.

Yahoo Sports

Reverie's new Sleep Coach™ program gets detailed coverage.

MSN does a short, fun news video explaining Reverie Sleep Coach. 

Reverie's revolutionary new Sleep Coach™ program gets a glowing write-up by this tech-focused site. 

Reverie's new Sleep Coach™ platform is deemed a hot trend in this article.

MAY 2018 

Our CMO Lisa Tan talks to about sleep disorders and how they can affect relationships.  

MARCH 2018

Mini magazine

Nice story on all the ways Reverie power beds are great for moms. Read it here.

Reverie Advisory Board member Dr. Dawn Dore-Stites, a pediatric sleep expert, is prominently featured by Romper, a popular site for moms.

Readers Digest 

Reverie Advisory Board member Benjamin Smarr, PhD, gives insight on coping with daylight savings time in an in-depth article here. 


The Wall Street Journal

Our busy and fearless CMO Lisa Tan makes the WSJ (with a full accompanying illustration!) where they discuss her preferred method for de-stressing. Check it out here. 



Active Times

CEO Martin Rawls-Meehan discusses high tech sleep with this fitness-focused blog. Story here.

Reverie's Chief Marketing Office Lisa Tan talks New Years resolutions and weight loss. Story here.


CES 2018

We went to CES, the prestigious Consumer Electronics Show, for our first time ever. And we made quite an impression with our technology and our mind-control bed.

Innovation and Tech Today

Their assistant editor checks out our mind-control bed and interviews us on video at CES.

A top tech magazine gives us their CES Editor's Choice Award.

Innovation and Tech Today magazine gave us their Editor's Choice Award for 2018. Story here.  

Check out our CES video. 

Reuters TV

They go to CES and feature our bed in this episode. Reverie coverage starts at 2:15 in the video.

Sleep tips with Tech Republic at CES.

Video sleep tips from our CEO, Martin Rawls-Meehan. See video.

Our smart bed with Tech Republic.

Our CEO discusses how reading your brain waves will lead to better sleep in the future. See video.

In-Style magazine

Our CMO, Lisa Tan, gives advice on best sleep positions, depending on what your situation is.