1. How Your Bedroom Might Be Hurting Your Sleep

    How Your Bedroom Might Be Hurting Your Sleep

    This message brought to you by our Reverie Sleep Coach Team.

    Setting the right tone and mood for sleep is crucial for that deep, quality restorative sleep we want so badly. If you're a little haphazard about your bedroom environment, you might sleep through the night, but it might be lower quality sleep than if you take the time to really create a healthy sleeping space.

    Here are a few ways your bedroom might be hurting your sleep and what to do about them:

    Your bedroom is too hot.

    To prepare for sleep, your core body temperature actually drops. If your bedroom is too hot, it's harder for your body to kick through its "go-to-sleep"

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  2. Advanced Bedroom Feng Shui

    Advanced Bedroom Feng Shui

    Feng shui centers around the idea of Qi, which is a flowing life force that basically rules the earth. Qi (pronounced chee) swirls all around us, the vital energy of life. Everything and everyone on earth gives off Qi and is affected by it.

    The words feng and shui are Chinese and literally translate into wind and water. If you think about the wind in the mindset of the Chinese, it translates into human breath. So feng shui represents the most crucial elements of life: wind (the ability to breathe) and water, which composes up to 60% of the human body. No human can last long without either. Not coincidentally, both wind and water are primary distributors of Qi.

    The theory of feng shui is that you can control and enhance the flow of Qi with the design of spaces and placement of objects. You can see why that would be relevant to the bedroom. Since we’ve already done a post about basic b

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