10 uncomfortable pregnancy conditions and how to get relief

By Dr. Amelia Bailey, Ob/Gyn

Motherhood—as you likely know if you’re reading this—is rewarding, but not the bed of roses it’s often portrayed as. In fact, it can be pretty uncomfortable, painful or occasionally embarrassing, too. Here are a few conditions we can run into as we grow our little human, along with some ways to cope.

#1 Morning sickness

First of all, the person who named it morning sickness obviously never suffered from this condition. It is actually morning, noon and night sickness. And it’s worst from 6-11 weeks of pregnancy. Try to eat small meals throughout the day. As long as you’re not a diabetic, it’s okay to eat more carbohydrates at this stage since that is what the pregnancy needs. Listen to your body, and do not force yourself to eat. Btw, you are not actually eating for two–it is closer to eating for 1.01.

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