Pregnancy Sleeping Positions: A Pregnant Doctor Hacks our Bed

By Dr. Amelia Bailey, Ob/Gyn

As an Ob-Gyn in the third trimester of my second pregnancy, I am keenly aware of the many changes the female body undergoes while doing the very important work of growing a new life.  Hormones surge, ligaments and skin stretch, and bones shift to accommodate your little one, who starts off as one cell and becomes trillions of cells by birth. Momentous, certainly. But it also sounds uncomfortable, right? It is. So what can we do to make sure these nine months are more joy than pain while nurturing our future astrophysicists? One of the most important steps is ensuring adequate nightly amounts of peaceful sleep in spite of our frequent bathroom visits.

Pregnancy sleep positions: a pregnant doctor hacks our bed

Dr. Amelia Bailey, who is currently pregnant, came up with a DreamCell™

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