1. How to Sleep Better During Menopause

    How to Sleep Better During Menopause

    Sleep interruptions can be a frustrating part of the transition to menopause. Not only is this time of life busy and full—you might have an active career, kids going off to college, aging parents, and endless things to juggle—sleep interruptions make everything harder.

    With 75% of women experiencing night sweats and some women experiencing symptoms for up to 14 years, it’s worth taking stock of how to sleep better during this time.

    Menopause isn’t actually an event you can pinpoint while it’s happening—it’s more like a continuum, with its official classification being one year without periods. Thus, women don’t know until it’s complete that they’ve hit menopause. Instead, “perimenopause” is used to refer to the transition of shorter cycles and skipped periods. Most women in the U.S. will reach menopause between ages 51 and 52 years old.

    But, if you’re currently experiencing the hot flashes, the nigh

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  2. Keep Your Cool at Bedtime

    Keep Your Cool at Bedtime

    Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night kicking off the blankets and feeling like someone turned your bedroom into a sauna? You might remember feeling all warm and cozy when you were getting into bed, but somehow during the night the heat just became too much. No, it’s not your body trying to play a trick on you—it’s actually just trying to tell you that it sleeps best in a colder room. Let’s look at the “why” behind this unique sleep factor, and some tips for getting your bedtime feeling juuust right.

    Why your body likes it cold at night

    In his book Why We Sleep, renowned sleep scientist Matthew Walker explains the connection between an evening drop in temperature and your bo

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